We develop leading edge Event/Sensor Driven wireless tracking devices and systems for Law Enforcement, Government and Military Technical Investigators

The GGV Tactical Trackers have been designed, developed, manufactured and assembled in North America.  Over time we have worked diligently to incorporate new features, functionality and reliability into our line of trackers. Three models have evolved as a result of our company working closely with our customers, our trial and testing candidates and our resellers.

GGV Tracker features include:

  • LTE Wireless Global Operation with fallback to 3G and 2G
  • TCP/IP & SMS Communications
  • Two models with Voltage Regulated Input (6V to 28V)
  • Selectable Internal & External Sensors & Triggers
  • Global Command and Control
  • A-GPS & Cellular LBS Location
  • RF Beacon Backup
  • OTA & Direct Data Downloads
  • OTA Firmware Updates

The GGV Tactical Trackers are sold exclusively by trusted, knowledgeable and experienced resellers.  For more information and a reference to our resellers, please go to the Contact page on this site.